Coming Here Soon: Greece Imprisoning Poor, Immigrants and LGBT in Internment Camps

A guard watches over illegal immigrants inside a newly-built detention camp at Amygdaleza suburb, the first such camp in the wider area of Athens

IMF imposed austerity measures have reduced Greek society to a shadow of its former self.  The resulting unemployment, poverty and homelessness has been hijacked by fascist elements to pit the poor against the poorer.  In the last year Greece has built a series of internment camps and launched raids on immigrant, addict and sex worker communities.  Now they are coming for poor and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) people too. Is this a preview of dark coming attractions for the UK?

The State of Greece


It is worth briefly outlining the socio-economic catastrophe of Greek Austerity.

Greece accepted an £88bn loan from the IMF and the European Central Bank (and the Austerity measures attached) in order to bail out its banks and stay in the Euro.

The economy of Greece has shrunk every year for five years and the Austerity Programme has turned a financial crisis into a humanitarian crisis.

11% of the population now live in ‘Extreme Material Deprivation’ without enough food, heating, electricity or a telephone

Unemployment is now over 27% and continues to rise each month, while youth unemployment is now over 59%.

Unsurprisingly, crime has soared – with burglaries rising by 125% in 2011.

Yet, instead of the austerity induced poverty – it is the immigrants getting the blame.

As the gateway to Southern Europe, Greece is a popular destination for immigration.  However, with an immigrant population of 10%, Greece is equal to France and lower than Germany (13%), Luxembourg, Cyprus or Malta.

Nevertheless, with rising poverty level, a resurgent fascist movement spearheaded by the Golden Dawn party has diverted popular rage from the political and economic institutions that eviscerated their economy, onto immigrants – many of whom were simply escaping the previous evisceration of their own economies by those very same institutions.

Golden Dawn now have 18 of the 300 seats in Greek parliament, and have successfully mobilised a large portion of the Greek population.  Their flag contains a swastika like emblem and they recently marched tens of thousands through the streets of Athens, surrounded by the Swastika flags, chanting ‘Greece if for Greeks’.  They are neo-Nazis, and they are winning.

First They Came for the Immigrants


Not for the first time in even recent history, it was Greece’s immigrant population that became the whipping boy for public fury at the betrayal of their country’s interests by the mainstream institutions purported to defend them.

The Greek Police launched Operation Xenios Zeus last year as part of a crackdown on immigration.  This operation, named after the Greek God of Hospitality delivers anything but that to anyone on Greece’s streets who ‘doesn’t look Greek’.  In the first 7 months of the Operation, Greek police arrested more than 85,000 foreigners – yet only 6% were arrested for unlawful entry.  This means 94% of these people were lawful residents of Greece.  In many cases those being arrested suffer violent assault by the police in the process.  The operation has become nothing more than a means to vilify and bully foreign looking people.

Tourists to Greece have also been caught up in these arbitrary arrests.  In January this year, a Korean backpacker was seized by Greek police as an illegal immigrant, despite showing them his passport and itinerary.  When he asked for proof of identity of the police officer arresting him, he was punched in the face.

In the same month, Christian Ukwuorji, an African American travelling on a US passport was walking through Athens on his holiday when he was seized by police.  When he showed police his US passport, they confiscated it and beat him on three separate occasions on the way to the station. His final beating was so severe it left him unconscious – he woke in hospital with a concussion.

Immigrants are being routinely assaulted and killed in racially motivated attacks. In April this year, a group of 200 immigrant workers protesting six months of unpaid wages were fired upon by their bosses.  The assault left twenty eight with gunshot wounds and it was a miracle that no one lost their life.

Further to the sweeping arrests, violence and murder – immigrants are now being rounded up and transferred to internment camps.  The first series of camps are already open and operating inside Greece’s borders, and more than 5,000 people languish behind their barbed wire perimeter.  The government has announced plans to build 30 more such facilities in the next few years.

This scale of human suffering is bad enough…but whilst the immigrants are the first group to join the ranks of Greece’s ‘undesirables’, they were not the last.

Then they came for the Sex Workers and the Addicts


The next group to face the wrath of a neo-Nazi resurgence were the sex workers and drug addicts.  Greece has previously enjoyed a low prevalence of HIV, but since the economic crisis new infections have sky rocketed; in 2010, the new infection rates shot up by 57%.

These rises were entirely attributable to the austerity crisis.  On drugs, austerity is driving ever more Greeks to addiction whilst cutting away the social safety nets that would manage their addiction.  In 2010, heroin use grew by 20%.  In areas of town where the state funded needle swap programmes were closed, HIV infections among drug users shot up 1,450%.  As the social security and healthcare systems fail after 40% budget cuts, some desperate Greek addicts are deliberately infecting themselves with HIV in order to access just $890 of financial support each month and admittance to a drug rehabilitation centre.

Sex work is legal in Greece and largely managed through a ministry of state.  However, since the economic crisis began the sex industry in Greece has risen by 150% the least enfranchised Greek women resort to prostitution to make ends meet.  There are now a reported 20,000 unregistered, illegal prostitutes on Greece’s streets.  There has been a rise in sexually transmitted diseases during this time.

Rather that addressing the root causes of these issues, the government has instead demonised the sex workers and drug addicts themselves.

Greek police began raiding brothels and forcing sex workers to undergo HIV tests.  Last February, the police published the names and photographs of 17 sex workers arrested and testing positive for HIV, branding them a danger to public health.  One of the sex workers committed suicide as a result of the public shaming, unable to face her family.

The government have since passed legislation making it legal for police to arrest and detain all suspected illegal sex workers and test them for HIV without their consent. Any woman walking the streets can be arrested on suspicion of illegal prostitution, forced to undergo a HIV test and publicly named and shamed if found to suffer any sexually transmitted diseases.

Since then police have extended the same tactics used in Operation Zeus to sex workers, drug addicts and the homeless – who have been rounded up and sent off the internment camps with the immigrants.

Then They Came for the LGBTs


The LGBT community was next to be singled out as ‘undesirable’ in the new, fascist Greece.  The Bishop of Thessaloniki (Greece’s second city) came out in strong and public opposition to the city’s second Gay Pride festival in June this year.  He denounced Pride as ‘an unholy and unnatural event’ and garnered nineteen and a half thousand signatures for a petition calling for the event to be cancelled.  The adverts for Pride across Greece were censored after the inclusion of a lesbian kissed was deemed ‘undesirable’.  This comes after the October 2012 decision by Greek State TV to censor a kiss between two male characters on Downton Abbey.

Things are getting worse rather than better for the gay men, lesbians and bisexual population of Greece.  They have become even worse for the Trans community.

Greek Police are using the sex worker legislation to target Trans people.  The Greek Transgender Support Association states:

“According to written complaints filed by our members who live in Thessaloniki, it is clear that from 30 May 2013 onwards, the police have been carrying out purges and arrests of transgender citizens on a daily basis. The same complaints state that those arrested are being taken to the police headquarters in Thessaloniki in Dimokratia Square, where the victims are waiting for at least three or four hours to be identified under the pretext that the authorities should establish whether the particular person was not a prostitute,”

Greek News Outlet GR Reporter records the following:

“The Association stresses that the police behaviour during the arrests was offensive, humiliating and that it was intended to undermine the dignity of transgender persons. In three of the complaints, the victims note that traffic policemen had stopped transgender women while they were driving their cars without any proof or suspicion of any fault or violation of the law. Later, they were taken to the police station in order for their identity to be verified.

The testimonies of a large number of victims suggest that before being released from custody, the policemen threatened transgender women, warning them that if they did not “return to normal”, legal proceedings against them would be initiated for indecent behaviour in public places.”

Then They Came for the Poor


Now the full machinery of the Greek State is being turned on the poor, as they become the newest addition to the ‘undesirables’.  The Greek parliament is passing legislation to turn a military camp into a prison for poor Greeks.

Since last February, any Greek falling more than €5000 in debt to the state can be imprisoned to work off their debt.  The government is now planning to roll this out more systematically, with a specific prison camp dedicated to holding poor Greeks while they work for free for the state.  This would conventionally be referred to as a Labour Camp – the tool of many a totalitarian state, including Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany.

Coming Here Soon


We should not only stand against this disintegration of Greek Democracy as a matter of principle, but out of sheer self-interest.  Greece is just a few years and policies ahead of the UK in the ideological austerity agenda – and these are the results.

Anyone nursing the mistaken hope that British society is somehow immune to this sort of thing needs to think again.  The waves of attacks on mosques and Muslims after Woolwich, a flurry of anti-immigrant legislation, the rise of the UKIP vote and the fact that hate crime against disabled people shot up 25% last year, as the government launched the new ATOS ‘fit to work’ assessments suggesting people claiming disability were ‘faking it’ – all these point to a society beginning to buckle under the pressure of relentless propaganda blaming undesirable elements of the society for all our ills.

If the UK is resorting to this behaviour, all be it milder than Greece, while unemployment is at 8%, we can still use our health service free at the point of use, schools and community services are still open – how is it going to be once austerity enters its next phase and the these all go south?

Well – that is down to you, me and all of us.  We must keep our heads, and keep our eyes on the true causes of our troubles, and not be side-tracked into scapegoating whoever the state decides to brand as our ‘undesirables’.

Take Action

Sign the Petition against Greece’s Internment Camps.



75 thoughts on “Coming Here Soon: Greece Imprisoning Poor, Immigrants and LGBT in Internment Camps

  1. Jo says:

    From news articles I am noticing that the world is becoming increasingly oppressive. This is really accelerating!

  2. Annos says:

    “Protests at Greek detention camp highlight state violence against immigrants in Europe”

  3. […] descent into Fascism has resulted in immigrants, LGBT and poor people facing mass arbitrary arrest, assault and imprisonment as government policy. However disquieting news now comes from Switzerland, as the government passes […]

  4. Jerome Brown says:

    Didn’t the Icelanders demand a referendum, through massive public demonstration of their discontent. The government was forced to accede, and the rest is history. Power to the people!

  5. […] of Right, of the non-incorporable negative. I would like to employ the very current example of the internment camps in Greece, which today hold over 5,000 “undesirables” from the impoverished to foreigners. If […]

  6. […] just a few years behind Greece on the ‘austerity’ programme, and that nation is now rounding up ‘undesirables’ such as LGBT people, drug addicts, prostitutes and immigrants and the poor and tr….  If it can happen in the state that created western democracy, it can happen […]

  7. […] etc. being curious i opened up the petition and looked at what it was about and found this link. Coming Here Soon: Greece Imprisoning Poor, Immigrants and LGBT in Internment Camps | Scriptonite Dai… No idea on the reliability,(think it's just some liberal blog or something) just thought i put it […]

  8. Jerome Brown says:

    thought I commented on this earlier? Perhaps not! Very tough luck on the Greeks. How did it get to this state? Poorly led by incompetent or corrupt politicians. There needs to be a thorough public investigation. The banks need to be investigated, as do all our politicians and bankers. ( I am from the UK). This has only happened in Iceland, due to a referendum which chucked out the corrupt government and imprisoned the corrupt/inept bankers. The people voted not to pay back the loans, nor accept austerity. They are not doing so bad now, managing to pay back all their loans. That then is the solution. The people must opt for not paying their debts until their economies can afford to do it. They will need to increase production though in order to do this. However they need to get rid of the present government, and anybody who does not back this radical solution!

    • Mina says:

      Greek politicians are corrupt puppets of the Troika, they will now unashamedly admit on TV that they are under orders. The way the public has been strangled by three years of austerity with absolutely no effect on reducing the debt – we’re currently in the third memorandum, and people are being laid off by the thousands – is testament to the fiasco the IMF-EU-ECB has played on us. Our politicians should never, EVER have allowed this to happen. Spineless, lying traitors is what they are. That’s the difference with Iceland: their politicians actually dared to care about the well-being of the citizens and in effect, the country. That’s a concept that doesn’t get around much, worldwide I’m afraid…

      • Niki P says:

        what tv? the public television that these politicians closed in just one day and want to replace ERT with their own private station of propaganda?

        • Mina says:

          Exactly. Imagine it “slipped” from the puppets (Kedikoglou admitted on the air that they’re under the Troika’s commands). Disgusting propagandists. Worst is SKAI, second worst MEGA then ANT1 and the rest. I miss ERT SO much: it was the only channel I could watch. If and when NERIT or whatever they call it starts airing, we should all boycott it. Not once should we allow them to get away with their fascist tactics, there are “weapons” in our capacity to do that.

    • Anonymous says:

      In the 80’s pre EU Greece was self sufficient and still a happy wonderful place to be. (I cried every time as I waited for the plane home). I adore these wonderful people who were promised money, easier lifestyles etc if they joined the EU. The early days of the 90’s things had started changing drastically as the country moved from agricultural self sufficiency and being content to Tourism being a major industry. young Greeks moved away from traditional industries to the lure of money, easy women (and that definitely was English girls) and easy work. The main profits going to major Tour operators but the supporting aspects of bars, small accommodation units, restaurants were run by Greeks. They learned competition, greed and envy from the Tourism beast they were feeding.
      Why did the west (Uk &USA) want Greece in EU?Why were the books fiddled? To be cynical It was the proximity to the middle east a friendly, compliant and “dependent” Greece was a stepping stone to the oil rich countries. The money Tour operators and hotel chains earned was also a financially beneficial earner.

      I do wish Greece hadn’t joined the EU and were the lovely, contented, easy going people I first met and stayed with during my Island hopping and worked in the emerging tourism industry. The still lovely, stressed out, competitive envious people measuring themselves against each other- who got more tourists? welcome meetings? (you did not dare mention any restaurants/bars during welcome meetings)

      I love Greece and my heart will always be with them.

  9. awombatsweb says:

    Reblogged this on A Wombat's Web and commented:
    When the Bankers own the State, Bankers own the people.

  10. Austerity is the curse of Europe.
    Only time I was in Greece, it was a police state with impassioned celebrations of the date of the coup. NATO was unaffected.Really the EU needs reform of it’s banking system. Austerity is just digging a deeper holes and arguments for austerity come from the rich.

  11. Jed Bland says:

    How many draconian new powers are being given to the British police for when the explosion occurs? How can we stop legitimate protests being hijacked by violent thugs financed in the backgound by the vested interests.

  12. There is only one solution for Nazis. You kill them. I say we invade Greece, kill ANYONE who does not denounce Nazism and if the war goes badly reduce any resisting areas to a smoldering ruin.

  13. Annos says:

    I know this is off topic, but, better to be aware, the powers that be are mad enough…

    “The Pentagon’s war plan for China is called “AirSea Battle.” The plan describes itself as “interoperable air and naval forces that can execute networked, integrated attacks-in-depth to disrupt, destroy, and defeat enemy anti-access area denial capabilities.””

  14. Mina says:

    Coming from a citizen of Greece, sadly there is no exaggeration in anything in this post. And it’s getting worse by the day: people are being fired “cold turkey” to meet the Troika’s (YES: the IMF-EU-ECB coalition is backing the bandits) demand for 25000 public servant jobs to be slashed by the end of the year (wonder how that will help the soaring unemployment rate…). Last week 2500 technical secondary education teachers were laid off literally overnight. All secondary education teachers were conscripted for merely CONSIDERING to go on strike. People are committing suicide: rates have tripled over the past 3 years. Most of us are numb and depressed, not knowing what to expect next: I am at risk of being in the next surge of layoffs (I’m an ICT teacher in adult secondary education). My salary has been slashed by 50% over the past 2 years, at 46 I (and my husband and kids) am dependent on my parents once again: if it weren’t for our family home we would be homeless. The corrupt bandits are on the loose… I shudder at the fact that if there should be elections, we will most probably see a New Democracy (conservative right-wing) – Golden Dawn (fascist) coalition officially governing us. Greece is just the beginning: what’s happening here is an experiment of what’s to come elsewhere. Why did they start here? Perhaps because we have extremely corrupt politicians and their avid followers. But the majority of the Greek people are ordinary decent people who have never cheated, embezzled or “slacked”, as presented in the media. We’re not lazy, we’re not corrupt but we’re led by incompetent, greedy, sold-out corrupt people that don’t deserve to be called humans. Why did Greeks vote for these bandits? For fear of being kicked out of the Eurozone, brainwashed by propagandizing media puppets. Why don’t we revolt? Out of sheer fear that it will lead nowhere, like the “Indignants” movement in Syntagma square 2 years ago. I’m hoping the public outrage will eventually culminate to a revolt, we have nothing more to lose… read this eyewitness post in my blog: And don;t be fooled into thinking it can’t happen in the UK or anywhere else. Neoliberals are everywhere, and they have no mercy.

    • Scriptonite says:

      Thank you for your comments Mina. I too am certain Greece is a preview of coming attraction for all countries where neoliberalism takes hold. The continents of Africa and South America were ravaged before us. Now it’s Europe’s turn. We have to have solidarity within and beyond our borders. This is not an issue that we can ignore. I can’t bear what you and your compatriots are going through right now. Please know that there are a growing number of us worldwide who are standing with you x

      • Meghan says:

        So glad to find your well-informed site. The situation in Greece is terribly troubling, indeed. Neoliberalism is vile and dehumanizing.

  15. Annos says:

    “Leaflet entitled ‘Concentration camps for the workers’, 1934”

  16. May I add The Oskar Schindler Covenant to the list of resources so people in and around Greece can act upon it?

  17. […] Coming Here Soon: Greece Imprisoning Poor, Immigrants and LGBT in Internment Camps […]

  18. Ann Diamond says:

    Concentration camps are not new in Greece — fascist leaders used to ship dissidents and communists to distant islands during the Civil War and Colonels’ era.

    I am on an island in the northern Aegean where boatloads of people arrive from Turkey or Bulgaria and get dropped off near some remote village. Last weekend I witnessed a group of about 45 men and women (who might have been from Afghanistan) being rounded up and walked to the ferry dock by police, who told them they would pay for their tickets — to where, I have no idea. Someone was saying “This happens every day in Bulgaria”. I heard people making other comments which were sympathetic to these poor people. Thousands arrive every week from war-torn or impoverished countries and there is no work for any of them. Local Greeks are unemployed and watching their businesses go down the tubes — how can they be expected to welcome foreigners?

    At the same time, I see a new spirit of cooperation and mutual aid happening among the islands, especially the older people who remember the old way of life. People with gardens etc. are sharing produce in an almost systematic way, creating a barter economy and helping one another as they have not done in years.

    Out of this mess, something new may eventually evolve that will be closer to the traditional economy that sustained the country through wars and civil unrest.

    • Erik P says:

      Foreigners are not a problem if they are not simply claiming benefits. The UK immigrant population is far higher, and the economy is now growing reasonably well.

    • Alexander L says:

      Unification is by far a better solution than damnation. How can you blame those who are suffering just as much if not worse than you? While those in power grow fat and rich. It’s the same story over and over. Ann at least the ending of your comment had some optimism in it. Thanks for the post.

    • Meghan says:

      “Not welcoming foreigners”? Is that a euphemism for the neo-Nazis getting rides in police vans to brutally attack foreigners?

  19. Rich says:

    Very disturbing. Just an observation: I think your information about the police abuse, roundup and internment camps would have been far more persuasive if you hadn’t mixed in the IMF, austerity and fascism angles. You may believe they are intimately entwined, but their inclusion made it appear that you may have an agenda.

  20. buddyhell says:

    Reblogged this on Guy Debord's Cat and commented:
    Just had to reblog this. This is very disturbing. I’ll add more when I get the time.

  21. Krispy Karim says:

    UKIP is not a racist party. UKIP is not a fascist party. UKIP is a party of ordinary people who are fed up of the corrupt lying politicians that got us into this mess. As such, UKIP is in touch with the ordinary people of Britain, which is the real reason why UKIP is on the rise.

    I resent your implication that the rise of UKIP is somehow on a par with attacks on mosques. What an ignorant thing to say!

    Ordinary working people (including legal immigrants) will be far better off under UKIP than under LibLabCon, who only seem to benefit the super-rich these days. The ordinary working man is far worse off under LibLabCon – between stealth taxes and creeping inflation we have all become poorer since this crisis began. Meanwhile not a single banker has lost his job over this crisis… go figure.

    For your information, UKIP has members and candidates of all colours, races and backgrounds.

    • Scriptonite says:

      1. UKIP is an omniphobic party – exploiting and stoking people’s fear son everything
      2. The rise of UKIP is in the same camp of signs of a xenophobic turning nation.
      3. ‘ordinary working people’ may very well be fuming at the at the fuming rich – so why on earth would they back a party led by a millionaire former city trader who hides his money in tax havens and supports slashing taxes for businesses and making the poorest pay and equal rate of tax as the richest??
      4. You don’t have to be white to be racist, the idea that because UKIP have got people of colour involved in their bigot baiting only speaks for the foolishness and prejudice of those individuals.

      If you want to protest super rich politicians and bankers….how about NOT throwing your support behind a super rich banker?

    • buddyhell says:

      “For your information, UKIP has members and candidates of all colours, races and backgrounds”.

      What sort of numbers are we talking here? From what I’ve seen there are very few people from other cultures/ethnicities and those who are visible are tokens. The party is also run by people who have a lot of money. Would you deny this?

      • Erik P says:

        Agreed. UKIP are NOT fascist, they are anti-europe. In my opinion they were correct: I used to be very pro europe, but having seen the money we pour into corrupt countries I definitely feel UKIP were right where I was wrong.

    • Nightingale says:

      Have you actually read the UKIP manifesto?

      I guess not from you apologist comments.

      It’s all in there….. I actually found trying to read it very distasteful and the veneer of assumed respectability on the fascist propaganda threadbare in many places.

  22. The US isn’t too far from you all. My heart tore apart reading this that I had to skim read the rest. I believe this is, by the day, becoming universal. You know, I really don’t want to live in this sick world anymore. I cannot stop crying these days. I have lost it. The US is lawless and we live in a police state now. I am terrified to say the last. My heart goes out to the UK, Europe and the world. So sad. Nobody deserves this….

    • Agnieszka Niemira says:

      Elle, I feel similarly… I keep on thinking how to stop it. We need to unite against it. Hug Agnieszka

    • Erik P says:

      Elle, we are coming across a social crisis. We need people like you for the future. When facism last reared its head in Europe each country had to make its decision whether to follow it or not. We need people like you, to be strong, and to help us create a better future. I believe truth and love will always succeed, but we sometimes things go too far before we start taking the reigns. Stay strong, and believe in love and truth, and fight for the rights of all humans.

  23. Mike Cohen says:

    As I said before, Europe is a powder keg waiting for a match. The elite. think they can ride this tiger by scapegoating the weak, and the poor, and middle class, will always turn to political cannibalism when holding on by their finger nails. Hungry children do not make rational parents. Funny Iceland said screw you to the bankers and their politician friends, and threw them in jail. They are doing fine, those who drank the,” Kool- Aid” of the bankers and their friends are taking it in shorts.

    • Agnieszka Niemira says:

      Yes, we should all learn from Iceland.

      • Smokeball says:

        Iceland didn’t join the EU – the people there still don’t want to, though their government would like to apply. Let’s hope they have a referendum.

    • jaypot2012 says:

      Agree, but the trouble with doing the same as the Icelandic people did, is that the people in the UK are cowards, out and out cowards. They think it’s not going to happen to them, they are in the “I’m alright Jack” mode, they sit and watch pathetic programmes on tv and then they watch the news, read the papers etc
      They don’t want to put themselves out to go and support those who do want to do something, they are too scared of losing their jobs, their homes, but can’t see that they are going to lose them anyway due to the austerity getting worse and worse. They think it’s bad now, thankfully, a lot a people can also see it’s going to get worse.
      1% of rich ruling us, 1%!!!! Yet the majority of the 99% won’t do anything ‘cos they are cowards!
      I’m ashamed of the people of the UK, I truly am!

      • Smokeball says:

        So, can you tell us how we were supposed to deal with the bankers? We weren’t asked. It wasn’t “the icelandic people” who jailed the bakers, it was the government. Are you suggesting we should have strung the bankers up from trees?
        A lot of people do help their poorer neigbours and many volunteer.

        • Scriptonite says:

          Technically, it was the Icelandic people as they dismissed the parliament that was about the bailout the banks, redrafted their constitution together online and created a new parliament.

          • Smokeball says:

            We do not have the mechanism to do that – so I don’t think we can be accused of cowardice, as Jaypot maintains

    • Erik P says:

      Wow, well said. It irritates me because the elite are ‘suprised’ when there are huge protests or civil wars. It is because they live in ivory castles and have no idea of the society over which they are ruling. I certainly belive countries like Spain, Greece and Portugal are about to explode, and we will behead the ruling elite.

  24. Harold Saxon says:

    As a trans Greek that had to move to the UK it pains me to see the disintegration of the society,, but please, PLEASE, your title could have been more accurate. There’s this belief spreading latey that the Greek govt is throwing LGBT people into camps. Your article makes it clearer but the title is inaccurate, as if it wasnt bad enough, do we have to make it worse like this? :/

    • Iain Lowson says:

      Have to agree. Very strongly agree, Hype like that, while understandable with such an emotive subject, can be used against you very easily. How often are we critical of the likes of the Daily Hate Mail or The Sun for using lurid headlines and misreporting of facts to damage public understanding of a subject? The is no need for you to do this. You have done the research. You can back up what you’re saying. You have the cold, hard facts. Don’t give ‘Them’ any reason at all to flatten you with your own words. Please. This is all too important. 🙂

  25. It doesn’t take a great deal of insight to compare this to the socio-economic impact of the Treaty of Versailles on Germany – remind me, how did that turn out again?

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  27. michellekent1 says:

    Reblogged this on michellekent1 and commented:
    …..And they said it wouldn’t happen again!! 😦

  28. […] IMF imposed austerity measures have reduced Greek society to a shadow of its former self. The resulting unemployment, poverty and homelessness has been hijacked by fascist elements to pit the poor…  […]

  29. Linda says:

    There are a lot of us in the disabled community who have been wondering about this for a long time. Especially with the Bedroom tax making inroads on what is left of peoples incomes. And the reported evictions that have started….

    • Agnieszka Niemira says:

      This is absolutely horrific.

    • jaypot2012 says:

      As a disabled person and unable to work, I too am worried sick. Will we be the first to be dumped in places like that as we seem to be the ones that are getting the most discriminatory behaviour and cuts to!

    • Erik P says:

      Isn’t the bedroom tax for people who are unemployed and have spare rooms? Seems fair to me. These rooms need to be rented out. When I was staying in the UK an unemployed woman had a three bedroom house to herself, paid for by the tax payer, and didn’t want to work because the government weren’t paying her to do the second year of her course. Crazy.

      • leoni says:

        No the bedroom tax is not just for the unemployed, this tax hits everyone who gets benefits, and some of these people work but are on minimum wage, so if they get any help at all they pay this tax if have a spare room. I can understand the tax of spare rooms, but the system has failed the people, it has not been organized correctly. Houses should of been made available for people to move, instead of making these people homeless or incurring debt which they can not afford in the first place, and only to end up in court and incur court costs. And why should people rent rooms out to strangers in their own home, i for one would not like this. Yes its true some people do not want to work, but it has always been like this, there is always a small minority that spoil things for others. The majority work or want to work.

        • Nightingale says:

          Eric P and Leoni
          The bedroom tax is hitting disabled people more than any other group. There are many cases of people in fully adapted flats now facing eviction because the local council only adapted two bedroom flats, and so on. It hits people who need the room for a dialysis machine for example, or so married couples can stay together even if one has to use a specialist hospital bed, and many, many more.

          Just by agreeing that the tax is fair “in some cases” you perhaps unwittingly legitimise the deliberate policy of disability discrimination and driving people into desperate poverty. The entire ploy of this government has been to use a tiny number of cases, badly reported, or even lied about, such as IDS and the myth of multigenerational unemployed families, to be used to make even worse law. Behind the worse law is the true intent. It’s not to crack down on real or invented misdemeanours, but to impoverish the whole of society and privatise everything by 2015. The particular savagery of the attack on the disabled is not only attributable to IDS, even though he is the main architect, but to the wider aims of the Tories to transfer as much of the national wealth to the 1% already super-rich. The reasoning is if they can fool some of the people all of the time about the scrounging lying disability claimants then they can pretty well do anything they like.

          It is to the brave and honest reporting by Scriptonite and other blogs – especially SKWALKER, Prides Purge and Vox Political, that we have a hope of being able to inform, educate, spread the word, and above all resist.

  30. Iain Lowson says:

    Quick question: are Greece signed up to the same European human rights convention that the UK is? I’m assuming it isn’t, but… :s

    • Scriptonite says:

      Barely a muttering from EU, as it’s their austerity policies which are driving the behaviour I suspect. So long as Greece keeps making it’s loan repayments and taking on more debt…they couldn’t care less at the moment.

      • OrphanedLand1221 says:

        I think it’s because the EU’s time is being taken up with all it’s Anti-Semitic, Neo-Nazi bias against the only free democratic country in the Middle East (Israel)

    • Mosiagi says:

      Are you thinking what I’m thinking? (To use David Scumoron’s pre-election poster campaign)

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