Austerity Kills: The Deaths that Will Break Your Heart & Shame Our Government

austerity kills

Ideological austerity is making Britain a crueller place.  In order to justify cutting social safety nets and civil liberties, the government must create a culture that makes such actions acceptable.   This culture turns poor people into scroungers, disabled people into burdens and protesters into domestic extremists.  Today, we look at personal tales of fellow citizens who have died as a direct or indirect result of turning the UK into a compassion free zone.

The Man Who Received a Death Sentence for Stealing a Gingerbread Man

 james Best

James Best (pictured above) died aged just 37, as a prisoner of maximum security Wandsworth Prison, for stealing a gingerbread man from an already looted bakery during the London Riots of 2011.

James had been in and out of foster care throughout his life.  He suffered from high blood pressure, arthritis, Crohns disease and asthma.  He had been arrested and sectioned under the Mental Health Act in July 2011 after self harming in a London street.

Yet within a month after his sectioning, he had wandered into a bakery after it had been looted by rioters, picked up a gingerbread man biscuit, and walked off.  He was arrested by police who spotted him eating the biscuit a little further down the road.  Despite his medical history, James was remanded in custody in Wandsworth Prison while awaiting trial.

On 8th August 2011, he went to the prison gym where fellow inmates carried out an induction.  Despite ticking three separate boxes which should have prohibited him from strenuous workout, he was sent into the gym regardless.  On returning to his cell at around 5pm, he collapsed with a heart attack.

What followed was a tragedy of errors.  The prison officer making the call to the emergency services, could not tell the 999 operator James’ name, the reason why he needed medical help, or even the post code of the prison.  The ambulance service then deprioritised the call.  All the while James was expiring in a prison cell.

An inquest, while criticizing all parties who had a duty of care for James Best, also raised the question of why a man which such a history had been placed in a maximum security prison in the first place.

James had been placed in prison as part of the cynical and hysterical crack down after the riots, where judges were instructed under political pressure to hand out ‘example making’ sentences.  This saw a college student receive a six month jail sentence for stealing a bottle of water worth £3.50, and people like James Best ending up behind bars too.

Instead of engaging in a reasonable analysis of what sent our young people into such a flying rage that they burned down buildings and looted shops, we were told that they were all feral, mindless thugs that needed to be punished severely.  In fact, any attempt to suggest that punishment alone was a flawed approach was shouted down as airy fair liberal nonsense.

This is the culture that made is acceptable for a man with serious mental and physical health issues to be held as a Category B prisoner in a maximum security prison, for stealing a ginger bread man.

The Man Who Froze To Death on a Porch

 Daniel Guantlett

Thirty five year old Daniel Guantlett froze to death last month on the porch of this (pictured above) empty bungalow in Aylesford, Kent.  He was on the porch because if he had entered the bungalow he would have been in breach of new ‘anti squatting’ laws.

Six months ago, the UK Parliament passed legislation which made it possible for the police to immediately evict anyone found squatting.  Since then, there have been thirty three arrests, leading to ten convictions and three prison sentencesNone of these court cases involved squatters displacing existing tenants, all of the properties involved were completely empty.

Daniel Guantlett had been one of those arrested, for sleeping in the disused bungalow on a previous occasion.  This bungalow was empty, and was due to be bulldozed.  On this particular night, Daniel chose to obey the law and settle on the porch for the night, whilst temperatures dropped to minus 2 degrees.

This decision to comply with the law cost him his life.

His frigid body was found by a passer by the following day and an inquest later confirmed he had died of hypothermia.  To add to the tragedy, Daniel was the second homeless man found dead in the town that weekend.

People finding themselves without shelter should be supported by social workers and housing officers, not bailiffs and police officers.  We have permitted our parliament and our police force to criminalise homelessness.

This led directly to a young and destitute man freezing to death in the street, while a property lay empty behind him.

The Blind, Half Paralysed Man Who Died After Being Deemed ‘Fit to Work’


Brian McArdle, 57 died of a heart attack the day after his benefit payments were stopped as ATOS and the Department for Work and Pensions had deemed him ‘fit for work’.

Mr McArdle had been left paralysed down one side, blind in one eye, unable to speak properly and barely able to eat and dress himself after a stroke on Boxing Day 2011. Despite this, along with everyone else claiming disability related benefits, Mr McArdle was hauled in for a Work Capability Assessment, to make doubly sure he was actually disabled.

The stress of the impending review provoked another small stroke in the days ahead of the assessment.  A month later he received a letter informing his that he’d been assessed as ‘Fit for Work’ and the benefits sustaining him and his thirteen year old son Kieran were to be cut off on September 26th 2012.  On September 27th, Brian suffered a massive heart attack and died.

Speaking to the Daily Record, his son Kieran said:

“Even though my dad had another stroke just days before his assessment, he was determined to go.

“He tried his best to walk and talk because he was a very proud man, but even an idiot could have seen my dad wasn’t fit for work.

“He was under a great deal of stress the moment he was told about his assessment, and then after he got the letter telling him his benefits were being stopped he completely changed and he was very down.

“In the three weeks leading up to his death his fighting spirit was gone. I feel Atos caused my dad stress and unnecessary suffering which brought all this on and didn’t help.

“So them and David Cameron need to see the bigger picture and know their changes are killing genuine people like my dad. It has to stop before more people lose their lives.”

Brian is just one of 1,100 people who died last year (that is more than three people every single day) after being deemed fit to work by Atos.

Meanwhile, Atos were awarded sponsorship of the Paralympic Games and received £3bn in government contracts.

It is Time to Stop the Madness


I could have told the story of the Mark and Helen Mullins; this couple were found lying side by side in bed, having committed suicide after lack of access to benefits saw them entirely dependent on charity hand outs to survive.

I could have told you about Christopher Harness; he hanged himself after finding out the funding for his place at a mental health treatment centre was to be cut. I could have told you any number of these stories.

When we take a moment to look past the headlines and the statistics and let ourselves absorb the full tragedy of real lives lost, it is harder to shrug away and ignore.  Yet, these stories are just a drop in the ocean of the overwhelming suffering that is being meted out to people up and down the country.

My purpose for telling you is to overcome the myths; the myth that poverty doesn’t really exist in the UK; the myth that these cuts are just some ‘tough decisions’ and are aimed at those people who are playing the system.  There are hundreds of thousands of real people, in real pain as a result of these changes in public spending which will make a small number of already very rich and very powerful people even more so.

The climate of suspicion and the devaluing of simple human compassion required to permit such egregious acts will be the thing that damages us more than any single one of the cuts themselves.  The funding can be turned back on tomorrow, but the attitudes being hardened will take far longer to soften again.

The single greatest protest of this ideology of austerity for the poor is to refuse to harden your own attitude.  Compassion, concern and cooperation are heretical ideas in Austerity Britain.  So indulge in them, as often as you can with as many as you can.  One day, this era will be over.  That day will come sooner, the more of us that keep our heads and our hearts.

Take Action

Squash Campaign – join the campaign to reverse laws which criminalise squatting.

Atos Monologues – an intrepid group have collected the stories of those who have suffered and died and turned them into monologues to be performed.  On April 9th, you can join a mass reading of the Atos Stories downloading the Atos Monologues and performing them in your town centre or school or wherever, to help raise awareness.  Check the site to see if there is one happening near you.

WoW Petition – sign the War on Welfare petition to stop the war on the welfare state which has led to the painful stories you have read herein.

Callum’s List – a list of further victims of the welfare cuts.

22 thoughts on “Austerity Kills: The Deaths that Will Break Your Heart & Shame Our Government

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  2. […] the human right to life no longer seems to apply to me and if the changes to legal aid go through, our loss of ‘Right to Life’ will be enshrined in […]

  3. kittysjones says:

    It was actually 100, 600 that died last year as a result of having their ESA stopped , based on the DWP own figures –

  4. […] Ideological austerity is making Britain a crueller place. In order to justify cutting social safety nets and civil liberties, the government must create a culture that makes such actions acceptabl…  […]

  5. Owen Daniel says:

    Hey just wanted to thank you for writing about my brother’s tragic case… my family and I are all deeply moved by the debate raised by the failings in his ‘care’ – we hope (perhaps naively) changes will come and lessons will be learnt from James Best’s death. RIP Brother.. One Love

  6. […] Ideological austerity is making Britain a crueller place. In order to justify cutting social safety nets and civil liberties, the government must create a culture that makes such actions acceptabl…  […]

  7. […] Ideological austerity is making Britain a crueller place. In order to justify cutting social safety nets and civil liberties, the government must create a culture that makes such actions acceptabl…  […]

  8. […] is well worth reading the other post on Austerity Kills.  Far to often stories such as these are swept under the […]

  9. popsyhughes says:

    The ultimate shame and tragedy is that the people who are inflicting this pain know full well that a bunch of ‘nobodies’ will suffer and even die and they don’t care at all. In fact they likely congratulate themselves on their brilliance. I think only when a mob of ‘nobodies’ shows up and takes them to the guillotine will they change their ways. The masters of the world had to give up some of their wealth to the rest of us after the Russians killed their royal family and Communism threatened the West, but now they are determinedly taking it back. That the world will be hell for billions does not bother them as long as they have armed guards to keep us away from their bits of paradise. Bleak times.

  10. Great post, thoughtful and to the point. These stories have become all to familiar recently
    , lets hope this moment in time passes quickly with as little damage as possible.


  11. ukelt says:

    It is very sad and depressing to read this, and what this evil government is doing to the most vulnerable people in our society. It makes me ashamed to call myself British. The way this government behaves has nothing to do with austerity measures. It is nothing more than a war on the poor, the working class and those on benefits.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am so worried about my little boy who has autism. What will his future be like? I know people secretly think disabled people should be ‘put down’. I fear the way this government is perpetuating this thinking that my fear for him will become reality. Big Brother has arrived and the horrors of the past are ready to make a come back.

  12. Thank you for taking the time to write this.


  13. anon@anon.anon says:

    A few deaths — dubiously linked to austerity issues (I don’t count theft) — and yet you seemed to overlook the couple of thousand killed every single year in road crashes.

    Considering which kills the most – will you redirect your efforts to an area where vastly more people are being killed because that would have the biggest impact on lives? Or are you just playing politics?

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